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Meet Jason Mizrahi

BY Hina Zaidi
Meet Jason Mizrahi

Meet Jason Mizrahi

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Jason Mizrahi is an architect by training and furniture designer by practice. He received his degree in architecture from Pratt Institute, New York, and now his practice is based out of Los Angeles. His passion for clean and contemporary pieces is born out of a meticulous design process that is reflected in each curve and line of his furniture designs. All his pieces have a sculpturesque quality to them; a statement frozen in material that yields a piece which bring a space to life. Reflected in his designs is a minimalist approach that utilizes concepts of fluidity and balance expressed through the language of color, texture and shapes. Jason Mizrahi shared some insights about his design beliefs and practices with Spaceez.

Spaceez: Where do you draw your inspiration from? Is there a particular person or place you turn to for inspiration?

JM: I’ve always been a very visual person who can hone in on a particular element that speaks to me, and immediately begin visualizing its potential. Instagram has provided a wealth of visual inspiration that allows me to see things not for what they are but rather what they can become.

I’ve always admired designers and artists whose work expressed a certain emotion, edge or simplicity.

I love architecture from Frank Gehry, Santiago Calatrava , John Pawson and Marcio Kogan. Artists such as Maya Lin, Rodin, Pollock and Rothko. And fashion icons such as Rick Owens, Galliano and McQueen.

Spaceez: In your opinion what makes your design firm stand out from other design firms?

JM: I have a selfish desire to unify elements of design and art to create minimalist pieces that embody a strong but silent presence in contemporary form. This is the type of presence in design that I am drawn towards and, in a way, my designs become an extension to fulfill this personal need to sustain this feeling.

Spaceez: What is your favorite (hospitality) design project completed by your or any firm?

JM: My favorite personal project has been evolving “The Limited” collection, which represents a movement for those who think differently and who are not afraid to defy convention. Each piece comes from a desire to breathe life into design, thus, becoming more about the expression of the material and discovering its potential unrestrained by convention.

Spaceez: Are you currently working on anything exciting that you would like to share with us?

JM: I’m currently working on developing a collection of pieces centered towards contemporary luxury with a timeless feel. I initially started creating sculptural edition pieces which was more about the expression of the material and less about everyday use. Now the challenge becomes how to unify the same contemporary elements to create unique, functional furniture for residential and contemporary use.

Spaceez: What is your favorite design element that is essential in any project, e.g. colors, textures, furniture etc.

JM: I try to create unique timeless pieces by unifying and balancing fundamental shapes with elements inspired by sculpture and architecture. I focus heavily on proportion to create clean, minimal pieces that embody a strong presence. Every pieces is a desire to find the perfect balance between art and design, seeking to create a visual statement that is one of a kind.

Spaceez: What trends have you noticed in furniture design?

JM: I’ve noticed a strong display towards color and texture, modular furniture, increasing competition in lighting as well as a desire to make furniture for multi-use. Designers continue to expand upon what they envision is either necessary or missing to occupy our spaces and even though trends change the commitment to challenge yourself to produce something better will always be the same.

Spaceez: What five words would you use to describe your firm?

JM: Clean, Minimalist, Powerful, Unique, Contemporary.

Spaceez: How much time do you dedicate to sourcing products and suppliers for the projects you work on?

JM: Depending where I see the final design going, I start to envision what materials or combination of materials would work best for that particular design. I spend an equal amount of time understanding the restraints and advantages of each considered material combined with the cost and techniques of fabrication.

Spaceez: What can we expect to see come out of design studio next?

JM: I never want to be considered a one-dimensional designer and am working on expanding my designs to be more suitable towards minimalist comfort, introducing more fabric and texture that develops a tone of masculine luxury.